Euphorbia Hirta Plant Description

Euphorbia Hirta Plant Description. Euphorbia hirta is an herb. The parts of the plant that grow above the ground are used to make medicine.

Euphorbia Hirta - Asthma Weed
Euphorbia Hirta – Asthma Weed from

Descriptions of plants should be attributed to the. It is reported to contain alkanes,. Euphorbia hirta is a plant.

Euphorbia Hirta Is An Herb.

Best used for asthma, bronchitis. It is widely used in traditional herbal medicine across many cultures, particularly for asthma, skin ailments, and hypertension. Annual herb, usually prostrate, pilose with white appressed hairs interspersed by yellow spreading hairs.

The Oldest Remedies Known To Mankind Are Herbal Medicines.

It is a hairy herb that grows in open grasslands, roadsides and pathways. The free radical scavenging effect on dpph and hydroxyl was found as 68.80 ± 5.21 and 73.36 ± 5.21%, respectively.[22] antifertility activity e. A review on euphorbia hirta activities, at 0.25 mg/ml.

Euphorbia Hirta At A Dose Level Of 50 Mg/Kg Body Weight Reduced The Sperm Motility And Density Of Cauda Epididymal And Testis Sperm Suspension Significantly.

Euphorbia hirta, phytochemicals, ayurvedic, anti wound healing activity, anti venom. Euphorbia hirta is used for breathing disorders,. This plant has low severity poison characteristics.

Descriptions Of Plants Should Be Attributed To The.

Suberect or procumbent herbs, simple or branched with stems and branches yellowish or reddish, pilose, more or less flexuose, faintly striate, somewhat woody at the base, slightly thickened at the nodes. It is reported to contain alkanes,. Leaves rhombic to ovate or sometimes lanceolate, to 40 mm long.

Petiole To 3 Mm Long.

Euphorbia hirta is used for breathing disorders, dengue fever, digestive problems, severe diarrhea (dysentery), and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses. Euphorbia hirta is an herb. Hirta at a dose of 50 mg/kg reduced the sperm motility and density of cauda epididymal and testis sperm suspension

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